O & M

operation and maintenance

Cleaning of Photovoltaic Panels

We have various equipment for cleaning photovoltaic parks, which allows us to optimize performance and avoid overheating and deterioration of the photovoltaic panels. 

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Maintenance of Photovoltaic Plants

With our engineering team we carry out preventive and corrective maintenance of photovoltaic installations. The objective of the Maintenance of Photovoltaic Plants is to establish the measures that guarantee the highest possible performance and productivity of the installation, in such a way that downtimes caused by breakdowns or malfunctions are minimized.

Compensatory Measures

Spain is a country rich in Birds. Therefore, in addition to monitoring Avifauna, we also install nest boxes, build hedges, reptile shelters, etc., with the aim of supporting and improving conservation and biodiversity.


We have machinery specially designed to control vegetation in photovoltaic plants, avoiding and reducing the risk of fire and preserving the integrity of the operation.

Mechanized Pruning of Mediums

We have machinery specially designed for pruning mediums and highways.

Firewall Implementation

We carry out firewalls to prevent the spread of possible fires.


The reforestation of our forests, mountains and mountains is essential for the environment. We reforest areas with fast-growing trees and native species.

Slope Stabilization

Elements such as erosion or sediments carried by the water can cause a deterioration of the slopes, as well as the safety of the areas that surround them. The vegetation generates a superficial stability, and presents improvements in biological diversity.

plant screens, plant walls, plant separation

Plant Walls

With the Vegetable Walls we manage to minimize the landscape and acoustic impact of the facilities.

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