development and elaboration of solar energy projects, renewable energies, wind energy projects, hydroelectric

Development and elaboration of Renewable Energy projects

We develop and prepare renewable energy projects: photovoltaic plants, wind plants, hydraulic energy. All this based on the design, improvement and innovation of the environmental and energy sector.

authorizations, solar energy, applications for solar energy, wind energy, construction permits

Processing of Administrative and Construction Authorizations

Our team specialized in relations with the Public Administration processes the Administrative and Construction Authorities necessary for the execution of projects.

green hydrogen, zero emissions, green hydrogen at RTB

Green Hydrogen

The Green Hydrogen is a key energy vector for the development of an energy model that ensures the objective of “zero emissions”. This fuel could transform transportation in the coming years. We develop Green Hydrogen projects at RTB.

analysis, feasibility, projects, renewable energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydropower

Analysis and feasibility of Projects

We have a specialized and multidisciplinary team that previously evaluates projects and allows us to know their viability, establishing the strategic lines to develop them.

execution of solar energy projects, wind energy, renewable energy projects

Project Execution

Not only do we analyze the viability of renewable energy projects, but we also carry out the execution of projects with quality and professionalism as the main elements.

storing energy, storing energy, storing solar energy, storing wind energy, storing hydraulic energy, storing renewable energy

Energy Storage

Efficient energy storage is a fundamental pillar of the energy transition: it allows us to make the production of renewable energy more flexible and guarantee its integration into the system.

solar energy, self-consumption, solar energy for my home, renewable energy projects for self-consumption

Self-consumption Projects

We carry out projects of self-consumption of renewable energies, both private and for industrial consumption.

supervise works, supervision of works, supervision of wind installations, management of facilities, director of works

Construction Management and Supervisions

We supervise and direct the works and project installations.

due diligence

Due Diligence

We carry out Engineering and Environmental Due Diligence, which allow us to identify the risks that may arise from a purchase-sale operation, in order to obtain information that allows the potential investor to evaluate the impact of said risks and, consequently, the decisions that they should be taken to minimize them.

land qualification, developable, developable land, urban qualifications, rural land

Urban Qualifications

We carry out the projects and manage with the different Administrations the urban qualifications necessary for the development of the projects.

declaration of public utility

Declaration of Public Utility

We manage the Declaration of Public Utility, which is the administrative recognition that assumes that a project has a purpose of general interest.

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